The EYE-LIGHT is the most versatile, convenient and all-in-one Site Light, Work Light, Flood Light and Inspection Light designed to deliver the light you need, when and where you need it.
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Dual Detachable Battery Floodlights

The G2000 and R4000 are dual detachable battery floodlights with high intensity light output and long running hours, for a full and reliable solution for mobile battery Site Lighting.
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Why Battery LED Flood Lights

If you haven’t experienced the benefits of using LED site lighting before, then below is a list of clear benefits that will make you question why anyone would use Halogen again:

  • LED uses up to 90% less energy, meaning that we can produce the same brightness for longer running hours using the latest lithium-ion batteries;
  • Runs cool, no waiting for lights to cool down before packing away;
  • No filament burn out. LED’s simply keep on going with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours (that’s 20 years if you use them 7 hours a day) so no popping off to a store to buy a new filament!
  • No Cables. No Trip hazards!