Eye Light


The EYE-LIGHT is the most versatile, convenient and all-in-one Site Light, Work Light, Flood Light and Inspection Light designed to deliver the light you need, when and where you need it.
Using the most advanced LED Chips, the new EYE-LIGHT outperforms most battery floodlights four times its size and weight.
In addition to the EYE-LIGHT being bright, small and light, it also comes with innovative attachment accessories for it to work for you, in almost any situation.
Using the ¼” UNC ports on the side or back, the EYE-LIGHT can easily attach to either the Suction Cup, Rubber Magnetic Foot, Clamp or Rubber Magnetic Gooseneck.
Between these attachments, the light can be attached to almost anything so it can be perfectly positioned to make sure the light is where it’s needed, not in the way, creating shadow or blinding the user.
It weights only 220 grams, has a diameter of 70mm, comes with a helpful LED battery indicator and it even acts as a power bank and can charge your phoneDownload Data Sheet


Suction Cup